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Slooty breets

I'm beavering away at a number of different projects right now, most of them related to fanzines in one way or another. One thing is a collection of Curt Phillips' writing to promote his TAFF campaign. It will be going into the mail later this week. (I believe British copies will be going out next week.) I've also had three invitations to write for other fanzines, and I've completed one thing: a short piece about Ubik for Pete Young's Big Sky. The other two pieces are in progress. The Corflu 31 crew is gearing up to put out another progress report, and I'm helping with that, mostly nagging other people to write. (Have you bought your membership yet?) Meanwhile the Chunga crew is working on the next issue, which will be a special issue unlike anything we've done before, at least if all goes as planned. I'm herding cats on that as well. Looming on the near horizon is a trip to Spokane with akirlu for a walkthrough of the Worldcon facilities, which we're participating in so we can scope out the possibilities for the fanzine lounge. Also looming on that same horizon are voting for the FAAn Awards, nominating for the Hugos, and voting for TAFF and DUFF. At least I finally sent some nominations to Murray Moore for things he should include in the Fanthology he's putting together for Corflu.

Meanwhile I intended to do some gardening on Sunday but used the rain as an excuse not to. Mostly I was just too busy with other things! Although not too busy to watch movies in the evening, including a third viewing of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, which remains a hilarious, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and refreshingly honest movie about troubled nerds in love. What a beautiful thing it is! A work of true genius.

Well, it was a productive weekend, but I felt a bit like a hamster running on a wheel. Will I ever catch up with myself?


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