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Walking man walks

So I walked a lot this weekend. Funny thing is, although I walked three different routes, I walked about six miles every day. Of course some of those routes were more uphill than others.

On Saturday I walked from my house to the Army Navy Surplus Store downtown on First to buy pants. Google Maps tells me that's 3.1 miles. I then walked up Capitol Hill to the Bauhaus (which I thought had already been torn down, but it turns out it won't happen for another month or two), then to a terrific new Mexican restaurant nearby called La Cocina Oaxaquena (where the friendly bartender-waiter introduced me to his Mexican family, who spoke to each other in a blend of Spanish and English) and then on to the Egyptian Theater (where I saw Johnnie To's Drug War). After the movie I walked to the Elysian. From Army Navy Surplus to the Elysian is 1.6 miles. I thought I was going to walk home after that, but I only made it as far as the Pagliacci on 10th before I gave up and caught a bus. That was 1.9 miles. So about six and a half miles total.

On Sunday I walked from my house to Green Lake, walked around Green Lake (with a stop at the Urban Bakery for quiche and a chapter or two of Iain Banks' Look to Windward), and then home again. Three miles to and from the lake, and 2.8 miles around, so almost six miles total.

On Monday I walked from my house to Pacific Place downtown to see The Great Gatsby in 3D for the third time. (It looks amazing!) I hung out in the cafe on the ground floor beforehand reading Banks, and then had a glass of red wine at Gordon Biersch's. I'm fascinated that the malls in Seattle (Pacific Place is one) are so much more racially diverse than my regular hangouts (e.g., pubs and coffee shops). Anyway, I walked home afterward, and that was 3.1 miles in each direction, so about six miles again.

The walking on Saturday was definitely the most tiring, I guess because it involved walking uphill. Plus I did go a bit further, but, man, I was really losing steam by the end. It surprised me. Well, I had also done a couple of hours of work in the yard beforehand, but that was true yesterday too. I should be fit as a fiddle by now, I tell you. (Where the hell did the saying "fit as a fiddle" come from?)



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May. 28th, 2013 04:53 pm (UTC)
Next time you wander up here you must text me and I'll wander over too.

Amusingly I noticed the Mexican today as I was dropping M at work. It used to be a rather grim looking Pho place, I thought it looked interesting. M and I had a fun time deciding how best we could mangle the pronunciation of 'Oaxaquena'.
May. 28th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
I thought about texting you before I went to the Elysian, but the Banks book won. We still need to do Chuck's Hop Shop one of these days.

I'm not sure if the food at La Cocina Oaxaquena is authentic or not, but the tamale was unlike any tamales I've ever eaten before. Amongst other things it was wrapped in a banana leaf rather than corn husks. I'm eager to try their mole now.
May. 28th, 2013 05:24 pm (UTC)
Apparently in addition to the Chucks there's a new brewery opened a few blocks further on in the Central District. Of course, my friend Bill would only go there in an armoured truck, I suspect you and I are made of sterner stuff :)
May. 28th, 2013 05:38 pm (UTC)
Ah, you know you're being gentrified when the brewpubs start popping up. Sounds like a pub crawl might be in order.
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