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To Do Ta Dah

I had a To Do list a mile long this weekend. It got to a point on Sunday where I was rushing from one thing to another, feeling harassed and absolutely ridiculous. It didn't help that I slept in until 10:30 on Sunday, but hey, I was exhausted! And the cold has settled in for the long haul, leaving me with a bit less energy than normal.

Not that I didn't give myself plenty of time to goof off, too. For example, I went and saw Sally Potter's latest film, Ginger & Rosa, which I really liked. Yesterday I watched the DVD of Aulis Sallinen's 1995 opera, The Palace, that ron_drummond gave me a couple of years ago. A satire of penny ante dictatorship and the court intrigue it inspires, with a collage of musical styles that I wasn't sure what to make of on a first go-around.

The weather was extraordinarily beautiful, so I worked in the yard both days. I mowed the lawn for the first time this year, which is something that usually happens in April, I think. Global warming! Or whatever. I even managed to get a mild sunburn.

One of the things on my To Do list that I didn't get to was writing a review of David Toop's excellent book on ambient and other unstructured music, Ocean of Sound. Fascinating book, which made an excellent companion piece to Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise.

Well, I got plenty enough done. We now have all the articles for the next issue of Chunga and have begun layout and proofing. We're still waiting for some art. The second Corflu XXX progress report is also coming together. The sekrit projekt for Corflu may or may not happen this year, but it's something that could easily wait if necessary. Haphazard gardening will continue. There's more blogging to be done. Plans are afoot for a family trip in 2014 that will also be part of my Worldcon trip. Oh yes, and I'm having a tooth pulled today in preparation for an implant. And oh crap, I haven't done my taxes yet! Und so weiter.


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