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It was an irresponsible weekend, I tell you, although not as irresponsible as some have been. I did rake leaves on Saturday, but did I do anything else productive? I guess it depends on how you rate these things.

We are nearly done with Chunga 20, and I did do some work on that, including reviewing the mailing list. I saw two movies that I recommend: Lincoln and Life of Pi. I watched another movie, The Chivalry, the Gunman, and the Killer (1977), that was a nutty, hard-to-follow Taiwanese wuxia film with Yueh Hua and the fiercely beautiful Hsu Feng. I'm not sure how that ended up in my Netflix queue, but I was happy enough with it. Jessica Amanda Salmonson has written an amusing review, and it's difficult to argue with her conclusion: "So anyone with a fetish for tough swordslinging gals and a desire to see women get slaughtered will really like this movie."

I cooked curried black beans and sausage. I guess that was my other productive thing. On Saturday, after Lincoln, I walked to the U District for the release of the Big Time's Old Wooly barleywine. The place was pretty busy, because the release of the Old Wooly is something to celebrate. I read a few chapters of Chandler's The Long Goodbye, with an eye on the Alabama-Georgia game. One of the bar-backs is from Alabama, and when I told him that I'm an Oregon fan, he said he was glad Bama didn't have to face Oregon in the National Championship game. I think it's too bad myself.

It's a pretty carefree life I live. Come on, let's drift.



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Dec. 4th, 2012 04:44 am (UTC)
Good colors! There were a few bright leaves amongst those I raked, but mostly they were already turning to sludge.
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