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Randy Byers
19 September 1960
Seattle, Washington, United States
Dreamland Cafe
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McKinley Elementary School - Salem OR (1970 - 1972)
Leslie Middle School - Salem OR (1972 - 1975)
South Salem High School - Salem OR (1975 - 1978)
University of Oregon - Eugene OR (1978 - 1982)
Portland State University - Portland OR (1983)
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absurdity, acid jazz, art deco, australia, bacon cheeseburgers, balderdash, bamboo, baroque, beer, bees, cairns, chocolate, cities, coffee, corflu, crotons, crows, cyberpunk, decadence, dim sum, dragonflies, editing, elfland, expressionism, exuberance, fan funds, fanoclast rules, fantasia, fanzines, ferns, flibbertigibbets, funk, gardening, grass, hermes, imaginary voyages, insurgents, jacobean tragedy, kissing, labia, lambic, mangos, melancholy, memoir, micronesia, moss, neighborhoods, noir, nymphs, ornithopters, orts, planetary romance, postmodern musicals, power, quips, rainforests, rapture, raspberries, reefs, science fiction fandom, scientific romance, scientifiction, screwball soap operas, seattle, silent movies, skepticism, skin, sleep, space opera, spam, stone paths, surrealism, sushi, symbolism, taoism, taro, travel, tuckerizing, ululation, venus, veritas, viola de gamba, walking, weimar, weird tales, whiskey, wuxia pian, xena, yams, yap, yes, zoris
Raised a Mennonite but never baptized; lived on Yap in Micronesia for four years as a child but mostly grew up in Salem, Oregon; converted to science fiction fandom at eighteen; got a bachelors degree in English and moved to Seattle, been a university technocrat most of the time since. Gave up on writing fiction, but still hacking away at personal journalism. I'm also one of the co-editors of the fanzine Chunga, which you can sample at efanzines.com. You can add an RSS feed of my blog (see web page below) to your Friends list at fringefaanfilms.